Horace Dediu on Apple Silicon as a source of competitive advantages for Apple

Horace Dediu on how Apple Silicon might be the source of a competitive advantage in wearables and AR for Apple:

If Apple is no longer constrained by what foundries and what architectures are going on in other companies, we might be looking at a new era of compute.

Again, what if you go from old metaphors / UXes and repackaging them, but rather (potentially) coming up with something new? That’s always the question out there. Does this silicon enable more rapid prototyping of user interactions and user interfaces, along the lines of AR?

In which case, by the way, from a competitive point of view: How hard it would be for Microsoft or Google or Huawei to, without custom silicon, being able to implement some of these newer ideas about interaction modes?

Especially in the wearables segment, where you’re pushing on miniature, on power, on sensing.


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Source  The Critical Path #247: Usually, You Say CPUs @ 57:00